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Green Workspaces

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai has become a global business centre, we at Green Touches are cognizant of this and our mission as a company is to encourage businesses to be environmentally aware and adapt their working space to become a greener place. Through the use of our services, Green Touches offers clients the possibility to discover health and wellness. We want to help you, our clients, to eliminate the use of dangerous chemicals and toxins from your working environment and breathe pure healthy air. It is our goal to minimize your exposure to these during your daily routine.

By using our green cleaning services, you will reduce your company's impact on the environment and help spread environmental awareness in the business community.

Our promise to you as a company is to offer our cleaning services as 100% chemical free, 100% natural and using only Eco certified products. Rest assured that all our staff members are trained to the highest standards and are all fully insured. At Green Touches we endeavor to understand our clients’ needs and we offer a cleaning service that is flexible and adaptable to your schedule.

Efficient, eco-friendly cleaning solutions for:

  • Education – Child Daycare, Nurseries, Schools and Colleges

  • Medical – Clinics, Hospitals and Vets

  • Government Offices

  • General Offices – Board rooms, lobbies and meeting areas

  • Car showrooms and Dealerships

  • Sports Centres and Golf clubs

  • Beauty Salon, Spas and Gyms

  • Hospitality Industry

  • Retail Outlets

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