Aqueous Ozone Innovative Technology

With the rapidly growing emphasis on green building and the scientific evidence of the effect of traditional cleaning chemicals on human health and the environment, there is a demand in the market for environmentally focused cleaning systems that provide effective cleaning while also acting to reduce or eliminate exposure to chemicals and VOC’s.

The relentless efforts of Green Touches’ research and innovation team to find environmental cleaning solutions, has culminated in a partnership with CleanCore™ ( USA, whose sustainable vision is in line with Green Touches’ sustainable strategy.

For the first time in the Middle Eastern region, Green Touches brings to the market an innovative technology that infuses cold water with ozone to create ‘Aqueous Ozone’. Ozone can be mechanically made using electricity and oxygen. The ozone can then be infused into water and dispensed through a wall-mounted “fill station” or from a portable rolling “Caddy”.

The Sustainable City ( (TSC) has become the region’s first development to introduce ‘Aqueous Ozone’. This ground-breaking technology has been adopted as part of TSC’s ongoing sustainability efforts, which have made it the Middle East’s first operational sustainable community.

TSC will offer its residents via the Fill Stations, free ‘Aqueous Ozone’ on demand, to replace any conventional cleaning products and thereby becoming the only city in the world to provide this service proving beyond a doubt its commitment to the pillars of sustainability.

In attendance at the launch at TSC with Green Touches were, Mr. Karim El Jisr, Executive Director of Diamond Innovation Centre, Mr. Phil Dunn, Design & Planning Manager, SeeNexus, Mr. Michael Solvsten, Project Director, Social Sustainability at Diamond Developers, Ms. Adrienne Doolan, CEO Green Touches, Mr. Mohamed Elmahdy, Executive Director, Green Touches, Mr. Mike Draper, CEO CleanCore Technologies USA and Mr Ward Prine, Strategic Director, CleanCore Technologies USA.