Cleaning sector goes green

Green Cleaning to Drive Innovation in Regional Cleaning Industry
Continuous improvement, innovation, and environmental sensitivity have become the watchwords for the cleaning industry in the region as more and more companies in the sector are sourcing products and equipment keeping sustainability in mind. Globally, the market for green cleaning products is expected to reach US$51 billion in value terms with a CAGR of 4 percent by 2021.

According to media reports, the Middle East is expected to see 154,576 new rooms in 550 hotels that are currently under construction, and more than 50,000 schools by 2020, which makes the region one of the most lucrative markets for green cleaning technology providers and eco-friendly product suppliers. This, coupled with the fact that facility managers are under continuous pressure to achieve LEED and other certification standards, has resulted in the increasing demand for innovative technologies and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Cleaning equipment manufacturers, too, are designing technology to suit regional demand.

From a cleaning-only perspective, green cleaning reduces the use of water and chemicals and improves the effectiveness of cleaning programs. It also impacts organizations’ sustainability efforts by reducing energy consumption.

According to Adrienne Doolan, CEO at Green Touches Cleaning Services, which is a leading provider of eco-friendly solutions and promoter of sustainable cleaning in the region, there is a growing trend towards green cleaning solutions with hospitality and residential sectors showing the strongest demand. “However, the commercial sector has still to adapt to greener practices and needs to put the health of the consumer before profit. The market is being further pushed by UAE’s sustainability goals under Vision 2021; this change will force the commercial sector to adopt green solutions.

“Some trends to watch out for in the green cleaning sphere include high performance machinery and adopting of HEPA standards, a move towards more efficient cleaning machines, steam cleaning and the adoption of quality microfibre cloths and mops. We at Green Touches have already incorporated these efficient practices in our ‘Green Cleaning Programme’,” she added.

Chandan Singh, CEO, Dhofar Global, said, “The ‘green cleaning’ revolution is highly beneficial for adopters and the commercial cleaning sector as a whole. While going green is commonly perceived as expensive, mounting evidence indicates that comprehensive green cleaning programs in tandem with sustainable building practices can result in significant savings on energy, water, and waste management as well as high productivity levels through a safer and healthier workplace. Beyond its business benefits, though, green cleaning’s greatest strength lies in its use of eco-friendly products that are less toxic and recyclable. It complements local, national and regional sustainability goals, thus making it a win-win approach for business and for the environment. We are already witnessing increased demand for green cleaning solutions, and Dhofar Global intends to become a major contributor to this important trend.”

“Green cleaning products currently make around 3% of the US$150 billion global market, and there is a huge potential for growth there with environmental awareness among customers, improved regulations by governments to boost these practices,” said Jayaraman Nair, chairman of VIS Exhibitions & Conferences, organizer of Middle East Cleaning Technology Week (MECTW).

MECTW is the region’s largest event that brings together cleaning service providers, equipment, and chemicals suppliers to discuss trends and showcase green cleaning products and innovations.
The event will feature new pavilions dedicated to waste management, sewerage, and sanitation, and specialised cleaning for the year 2016. MECTW features three platforms – Gulf Laundrex and Linen Care Expo, Gulf Car Wash and Car Care Expo as well as the Clean Middle East Pulire. The event will be held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 13 – 15 November this year.