Green Touches official launch in conjunction with Earth Hour 2016

Green Touches Offical Launch event in conjunction with Earth Hour March 19th 2016, Dubai, UAE

On March 19th 2016 in conjunction with Earth Hour, Green Touches brought to market a unique cleaning services company. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is an all natural, ethical and eco-friendly cleaning company. It is more than just a corporate entity cleaning service, the goal is to support a greener planet by offering alternative methods of cleaning. Green Touches have broadened their horizons by offering a more holistic approach to domestic and commercial cleaning to bring to their clients a philosophy for a greener and healthier way of living. The launch event took place in conjunction with Earth Hour 2016 in a Bio-Dome at The Sustainable City, Dubai, and along with 178 countries worldwide at 8.30pm the lights were switched off and Green Touches with their guests, showed their commitment to the environment. Green Touches believes in the principle of shared responsibility and seeks to promote the concept of environmental sensitivity, civic pride and the development of positive environmental attitudes in the community.