Our children and the dangers of chemical cleaning products

Green Touches is vehemently against the use of toxic chemicals in commercial and domestic cleaning. We are aware of the detrimental effects your regular everyday cleaning products have on your children, are you?

We know that children are at an even higher risk to chemicals and their toxicity than adults. Their nervous, respiratory, reproductive and immune systems are not fully developed so their ability to detoxify and excrete toxins differs from that of adults. Developing cells in children’s bodies are more susceptible to damage than cells that have completed development, especially for the central nervous system. Children by very nature are smaller and while playing and crawling are much closer to the ground, thereby closer to the pollutants which adults are not exposed to.

They breathe air closer to the ground and children breathe faster than adults thereby increasing their exposure to airborne pollutants that linger near the ground. Children put their hands in their mouths more often than adults do and transfer more foreign substances into their bodies. A child is building his/her body for a lifetime, give that body a chance to develop in a natural way without exposure to dangerous toxins. The skin is a large organ in the body and absorbs everything. Children’s skin is thinner and less protective so absorbs some chemicals more readily than adults.

Children have a limited ability to move out of danger from toxic exposure. You provide the tools to protect them. Use your knowledge and our solutions to protect them. It’s a know fact that 51% of human exposures to poison in a 2014 WHO report involved children under 6 years of age. Household cleaning substances are the second most common reason for pediatric exposure to poison.

Green Touches strives to make awareness regarding the use of chemicals for cleaning in your home and we want to protect your children from all chemical hazards. Think about switching to green cleaning. We promise you that the benefits are worth it. Be assured that the cleanliness of your home will be maintained by using organic products.

Green Touches realizes all these facts and feel that we have at least a small solution towards protecting our children and their environment, so we seriously advocate the use of pure organic cleaning products in your home.