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Green Touches, a leading cleaning services and environmental consulting provider based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has, as its main objective the achievement of sustainability. Green Touches are the first company in the region to introduce and apply a Sustainable Green Cleaning Programme (SGCP®) to move the industry to the next level – sustainability. 

Green Touches’ Corporate Social Responsibility is part of the company’s strategy and along with sustainability is embedded into the core of their business.Green Touches commitment to sustainability seeks to provide environmental cleaning solutions to the Facility Management cleaning sector, and plays a key role in enabling clients and green buildings the means to obtain LEED Certification.

With the rapidly growing emphasis on green building and the scientific evidence of the effect of traditional cleaning chemicals on human health and the environment, there is a demand in the market for environmentally focused cleaning systems that provide effective cleaning while also acting to reduce or eliminate exposures to chemicals and indoor emissions.

The relentless efforts of Green Touches’ research and innovation team to find environmental cleaning solutions, has culminated in a partnership with CleanCore™ Technologies USA, whose sustainable vision is in line with Green Touches’ sustainable strategy. 

Green Touches brings to the market for the first time in the Middle Eastern region an innovative technology that infuses cold water with ozone to create ‘Aqueous Ozone’ can be mechanically made using electricity and oxygen. The ozone can then be infused Which into water and dispensed through a wall-mounted "fill station" or from a portable rolling "caddy," which looks like an upright carpet extractor. 



How it works

CleanCore™ Technologies have harnessed the power of ozone in a solution that is generated on-site and on-demand thereby offering a product that produces a truly natural, green cleaning solution. Oxygen from the air is converted into Ozone with regular cold tap water to form Aqueous Ozone - it is a combination of H2O and O3. It is considered ‘natures’ cleaner. A powerful and natural oxidizer which disinfects up to fifty times better than bleach.



When sprayed onto a surface, the Ozone is attracted to soils, germs, and other contaminants. Once attached to the soils, the Ozone eliminates them and then converts back to oxygen and water.  It contains no toxins or chemicals and therefore is a 100% chemical-free alternative cleaning solution for use in both commercial and residential cleaning.  


Green Touches are providing the perfect sustainable green cleaning solutions: 

  • Reliable
  • Lowers costs

  • On site generation – Improved worker productivity 
  • Effective & powerful cleaner

  • Chemical-free general-purpose cleaning

  • Safer to use

  • Safer for the environment 


CleanCore™ 3.0 Fill Station

The CCT 3.0 gpm Wall-Mounted Dispenser provides On-Site, On-Demand cleaning solutions. Use the Fill Station aqueous ozone system as a general cleaner to clean floors (tile, carpet, grout), clean high-touch surfaces, clean restrooms, and even wash hands.  Schools, hospitals, government buildings, airports, production line, factories, malls, supermarkets, hotels, fitness centers, commercial office, restaurants, anywhere traditional cleaning chemical are used.Unique, patented technology that combines the natural elements of water and oxygen to deliver a powerful cleaning solution. Read more 


CleanCore™ Caddy

CleanCore™ Caddy provides On-Site, On-Demand cleaning solutions, use the Caddy aqueous ozone system as a general cleaner to clean floors (tile, carpet, grout), clean high-touch surfaces, clean restrooms, and even wash hands.  Equestrian centers, indoor sports courts, swimming pool areas, airports, government buildings, mosques ablution areas, schools, hospitals, production line, factories, malls, supermarkets, hotels, fitness centers, commercial office, restaurants, anywhere traditional cleaning chemicals are used. Unique, patented technology that combines the natural elements of water and oxygen to deliver a powerful cleaning solution. Read More



Cost Benefits

 Eliminates cost for:

  • Production, Ordering, Transportation, Storage and Handling costs associated with traditional chemicals.
  • Packaging of chemicals and related waste. Waste water treatment chemicals.
  • Replaces the use of conventional sanitizers, most degreasers, chlorine. 


  • Spend on cleaning products.Operational costs and increases building valuation.
  • Energy costs associated with hot water.  
  • Time spent on conventional sanitation.
  • Waste water fees by reducing downstream costs of neutralizing chemical load.
  • Staff training costs, eliminating the necessity to train staff in the safe use of different chemicals for different work areas.
  • It is a simple system which is safe to operate
  • Aqueous Ozone can be produced on demand in a matter of minutes (flow rate 11.35 liter per minute).
  • Cleaning time is reduced as no rinsing is necessary.
  • Aqueous Ozone is compatible with any existing machinery.
  • Usage eliminates bacterial odors that are present after traditional cleaning – no need to mask with added fragrance. 
  • One Line COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations) assessment, eliminating multiple chemical assessments and is perfectly harmless to staff and customers.
  • Over 50% more efficient at breaking through bacteria membranes compared to chlorine.
  • Eliminates a wide range of bacteria over 3000 times faster than chlorine.
  • Extends shelf life of most food products.
  • Efficient odor, taste and color remover.
  • CleanCore™ is a user friendly, safer solution that requires no special handling and no inventory. 
Health and Safety Benefits 
  • Eliminates the need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and special training, or chance of chemical misuse.
  • No managing hazardous materials.
  • No HAZMAT restrictions.Improve air quality by eliminating chemical fumes and eliminating spoilage odours.
  • Reduces air-borne viruses and bacteria, creating a healthier work place environment and reducing injuries related to chemical cleaning; there is no risk associated with touching the liquid ozone. 


Sustainability Meets Performance
  • The positive impact using CleanCore™ Aqueous Ozone technology to clean is huge.
  • The Life Cycle Analysis shows the impact on environmental and human health, impacts ranged from 65-97% better than those for conventional chemicals.
  • Results of the Life-Cycle Analysis clearly demonstrate the significant environmental benefits associated with the use of the CCT Caddy. In every category evaluated, the Caddy resulted in a fraction of the overall environmental impacts associated with cleaning using traditional chemicals. Net benefits ranged from 65%-97%.
  • CleanCore™ can simplify the cleaning process and provide a single cleaning solution to replace multiple traditional chemical cleaners.
  • CleanCore™ Aqueous ozone technology is a green product which safely reverts back to water and oxygen after time, no fear of polluting drainage systems.
  • Converting from traditional chemical cleaners and sanitizers to CleanCore™ Aqueous Ozone technology will help save over 10 million liters (260,000 gallons) per month of toxic chemicals from being dumped into groundwater, streams, and rivers. Add to that the reduction in packaging, transportation fuels, and the manufacturing of chemicals.
  • A significant marketing tool and a pre-requisite for businesses/homeowners seeking LEED Certification.


More than green - the ultimate solution towards sustainability


Certifications & Awards

  • CleanCore™ Aqueous Ozone technology has been certified safe by regulatory bodies around the USA and Canada. 
  • CleanCore™ Aqueous Ozone technology has earned the coveted Green Seal™ certification, meeting GS-37 and GS-53 performance standards.
  • CleanCore’s EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registration establishment number: #090379-NE-001. 
  • CleanCore™ are Sanitary Maintenance winners of a Distributor Choice Award for Aqueous Ozone Caddy 2017.

Using the CleanCore™ Aqueous Ozone technology for cleaning will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.


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