Ecological Products

Did you know?

There are no legal requirements for manufacturers of cleaning products to disclose their ingredients. But we as a company have strict criteria for the selection of our products. So we took the time and great effort to bring you 100% natural and environmentally safe, botanical and mineral derived 100% certified products. At Green Touches we realise our ethical responsibility before professional responsibility towards the place where we live and the protection of individuals and the environment, plants and animals, for us and for future generations. We offer clients the possibility to discover health and wellness. We want to help you to eliminate the use of dangerous chemicals from your lives. It is our goal to minimize exposure to toxins in your most intimate spaces while simultaneously reducing the impact on the environment.
The result of all these efforts have culminated with the finding of an Australian company specializing in organic products with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, with stringent control to ensure all products are made under the supervision of the regulatory agencies and the competent authorities. Our quality, non-toxic organic products are not harmful to you, your family, your pets or the environment.

Absolutely NO chemicals.
Completely natural ingredients – botanical and mineral derived.
Completely biodegradable as they are made from nature.
Ingredients certified for organic input.
Grey-water safe if you recycle your water.
Septic safe if you’re not on sewage.
No animal sources in these products.
No animal testing in laboratories.

The facts are known to us that chemical products used in our homes and places of work can lead to an increase of asthma, allergic reactions and autoimmune disorders, skin allergies and cancers etc. and have a detrimental effect on our water systems and our wastewater treatment plants are not built or able to purify these kind of pollutants. Every single chemical ends up eventually in the water that surrounds us, our ground water, our lakes, our rivers and seas, therefore, harming the environment.

Green Touches Ecological Cleaning Services progressive environmental policy is not only demonstrated by the products we use, it is an integral part of the company’s business operation to act in the spirit of well-being.