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Chemical free

We ask a question and you should think about it carefully! If dust and germs are removed from your home with harsh chemicals, what is removing the harsh chemicals from your home? Conventional cleaning products actually increases indoor air pollution and promote health problems.

Green Touches offers clients the possibility to discover health and wellness through our Green Cleaning Programme,  incorporating 100% certified chemical free products, colour coded microfibre cloths and hepa filter machines and steam machine, benefitting our staff, our customer and our environment.


we service:

  • Residential cleaning
  • Yacht/boat cleaning
  • Carpet. Curtains and Upholstery cleaning
  • Move in/out service
  • Party Help/Event service
  • Housemaid service
  • Extra services: Washing, ironing & folding BBQ, oven & fridge Pet Walking
  • Residential Property Care Service: We take care of your home when you go on holidays. You can be assured of our staff treating your home with the upmost of privacy. Return to a dust free home, re-stocked fridge, plants watered and fresh linen on the beds. Ideal end to the holiday.  

Our highly trained staff are ready to bring to you Green Touches’ natural way of cleaning.  Read more on our Green Programme and Rates

3-Way Cleaning ® 

Say hello to Eco - Say goodbye to Chemical & Toxins

Select from our 3-Way Cleaning ® options: