Residential Green Cleaning

Residential Green Cleaning - Your lifestyle choice

We realize that choosing a cleaning service may be difficult.  Aren’t all cleaning companies the same???  The answer is NO!!  We pride ourselves on the service we offer to our clients, a service that comes with a difference.   We take cleaning to a new level.  Green Touches is very cognizant of the trust a client places in us to rid their home of bacteria and germs.  We take our cleaning task very seriously and are pleased to be offering our customers only 100% certified botanical products which also benefits our trained staff, and the environment.  Added to that we have our colour coded micro fibre cloths, a different colour for each area, professional machines and highly trained staff.  

We want you to know that your home has been cleaned by professionals who you can trust.  But we also want you to live in a non-toxic environment.  For that reason, we choose to use green cleaning products.

Many of us choose to buy chemical cleaners without giving them a lot of thought. The labels on conventional products are in fine print making them difficult to read and these companies are not required to list all the ingredients, all that’s really required is a ‘danger’ sticker.  However, natural and green cleaning products are readily available and according to regulations need to list all ingredients as opposed to conventional cleaning products.  So with our botanical products, what you see is what you get.  They can be more cost effective and do at least as good a job as the chemical alternatives.  And they are much safer.


Why green cleaning?

From the moment our children are born, they are exposed to hundreds of manmade chemicals. They are in everything from their food, their bedding, their clothes, their toys even the floor they play on. These chemicals have been linked to increasing rates of food allergy, asthma, skin complaints and numerous other illnesses including cancer.  At the same time, manmade cleaners are harmful to our planet, adding toxic chemicals to rivers and oceans.  The advantages of green cleaning and using green products are numerous.

Nature has created everything needed to make your home clean and healthy. There is simply no need to use unnatural products which imbalance the eco-system and contribute to allergies and illnesses. Green cleaning is simply the smart choice.  Green Touches ecological cleaning services will put you on the right path to a healthier lifestyle.


What we offer

Green Touches cleaning service is committed to offer you satisfaction.  Our residential green cleaners thoroughly clean every room of your home working through our checklist on each appointment. We do appreciate that every home and client is different and we are happy to put together a customized cleaning plan that suits your requirements.

Green Touches offer an hourly rate for your home cleaning based on the number of rooms in your home and at a price that will suit your budget with no hidden costs.  You pay only when you use our service.  Let us take the headache out of choosing a cleaning company, we promise you will not be disappointed with us.  Our manager will personally visit your home to assess your cleaning requirements. 


Our service Add-ons include:   

  • Trained and fully insured Cleaning Team.  
  • All supplies including equipment, our colour coded microfibre mops, microfibre dusters and microfibre cleaning cloths and our botanical green cleaning products. 
  • Top-notch Customer service. 
  • Recycling.
  • Our Gift For You, Natural Aroma with Our Services:  Breathe in our natural aromas with our service. Discover the power of essential oils throughout your home. Green Touches cleaning staff will diffuse an oil of your choice: Lavender, Lemongrass or Egyptian Gold (100% natural therapeutic oils).  Our diffuser with its ultrasonic technology breaks any mixture of essential oils and water into millions of microparticles, disperses them into the air, and releases the constituents found in our essential oils.


1- Routine  cleaning Daily / weekly / bi-weekly / monthly

Our regular house cleaning services are a thorough green cleaning service intended to keep your house clean, germ free, tidy and in tip top condition.  You will always have the same cleaner unless you wish to change. 

Hourly Rate For Routine Cleaning 

AED 65 per hour per person (Weekly - Routine Cleaning) including all our materials for your green cleaning. 


2-  Deep cleaning 

At least once a year we all want to ‘Spring Clean’ our home.  Our Green Cleaning Programme recommends twice per year.  Avail of our deep cleaning services and be reassured that your home has been thoroughly cleaned.  

For Deep Cleaning rates please contact us for a quote


3-  Move in/Move out

Aided by our steam cleaning machine we can rid your home of building dust and debris when you move in.  You can spend months trying to get rid of building residue.  Leave that to the expert team from Green Touches.If you want to leave a lasting memory with your landlord use our services when you Move out.  Our team can steam clean the grouting between the tiles in the bathrooms and kitchens.  We can also clean carpets and windows so you can leave a lasting impression.

Hourly Rate For Move in/Move out Cleaning 
AED 65  per hour per person including all our materials for your green cleaning.


4- Steam Cleaning

Get a really thorough clean and get rid of all those nasty lurking bacteria and mould.  Steam cleaning machines use high pressure water and with the use of a small brass nozzle we can get to places where germs are hidden.  Great for cleaning wall and floor tiles and the grouting.


5-  Carpet, Curtains and Upholstery cleaning

We have the machines and the expertise to have your carpets, curtains and upholstery left fresh and clean.


6- Party Help/Event service

Everyone loves having parties and guests for dinner, but don’t you hate the set up and the clean-up.  Use our experienced team who are 5* trained to come in and give you that extra bit of help.  Our staff can be there to serve your guests.


7-  Residential Property Care Service

We take care of your home when you go on holidays.  You can be assured of our team treating your home with the utmost of privacy. Return to a dust free home, re-stocked fridge, plants watered and fresh linen on the beds. Ideal end to the holiday.


8- A/C Duct Green Cleaning


Terms and conditions

Our team work Saturday to Thursday 8am – 6pm, for out-of-hours services we are available at 24 hours’ notice.

Please WhatsApp on: 0501611832 or email us:  

Minimum 2 hours per booking for apartments.

For 3 or more bedroom villas we recommend a minimum booking of 4 - 5 hours, or as per customers requirements.

Please note: According to our company policy and standards we will only use our organic certified cleaning products, microfibre equipment and HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) machines.  We thank you for your understanding. Please choose your gift now  


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