Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to a company taking responsibility for their actions and their impact on the society at large. Green Touches firmly believes that CSR should begin with owners and managers of companies so they are aware of their responsibility within society. Green Touches’ CSR already started with the company establishing itself under the ethos of Responsible Entrepreneurship.

Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our company’s strategy and along with sustainability is embedded into the core of our business, it’s what makes Green Touches different.  We strive for excellent service, hiring excellent people, honesty and integrity. Green Touches believe that the employees play a vital role and are the companies first and foremost responsibility.

As a company Green Touches follows international standards of human rights, and staff recruitment practices and never discriminate on any grounds be it sex, race, nationality or creed.  We wish to be seen as an ethical and sustainable company operating as a 21st century company should.

Green Touches perform its CSR to the best of its ability, we give what is more precious than money, we contribute to community building:



We are cognizant of our companies impact on the environment and we take pride in the fact that the services our company provides enables our clients to reduce their carbon footprint, through the following effective solutions: improved energy usage, conscious water use, recycling and elimination of toxic chemicals. We are also using 100% botanical certified biodegradable products, safe for our employee, the client and the environment while following our Green Cleaning Programme.  


Marketplace and customer service

We are equally committed to helping our clients achieve sustainability. So far we have achieved over 4,000 hours of changing our clients from toxic chemical cleaning to green cleaning, further showing our commitment to preserving our environment for future generations.  We endeavor to partner with companies who hold the same ethical values as us. 


Business ethics & work place

Green Touches have created a positive ethical policy whereby all employees are treated with respect and dignity.

Our CSR is incorporated and embedded into our operations and we take it to a new level by ensuring all standards within our company reflect our ethical policy and is incorporated in our sustainable policy:  respect to our employees ensures appropriate salaries are paid, acceptable working conditions, health & safety, our teams are continuously trained in our Green Cleaning Programme and in how to achieve sustainability in their lives and to share their knowledge with others, and where possible the CSR extends to the families of the employees. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to society and our company values we ensure that for example, all tea and coffee and office supplies used in our company is Fair Trade, all paper, if used, is sourced responsibly, all cleaning equipment and supplies are chosen under strict criteria. 




Green Touches is inspired by the words of HRH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nahyan when he says:

“I encourage every person in the position of responsibility to perform his duties honestly and sincere and to double his efforts towards reflecting back the goodness and prosperity to his fellow brothers.  The process of development and growth does not depend on people in position of responsibility only.  But it needs the joint effort of each person living in this country”. 

Green Touches gives what is more precious than money, we contribute to community building.


Our 2016 activities are as follows:


  • Going green campaign; this campaign was carried out in Dubai in the month of June where we offered a free green cleaning in order to create awareness of the dangers of toxic chemicals in domestic cleaning. Details.
  • Environmental kids education; Green Touches teamed up with Create It Learning Centre Summer Camp, to promote environmental awareness through environmental activities. Details.
  • Yogafest; Green Touches were proud to be sponsors at Yogafest 2016.  With the aid of sponsorship, Yogafest offers a free sustainable community event that brings teachers and students together to support great causes in a tranquil outdoor setting.  Details