CEO Message

Image courtesy of Diamond Developers
David Neeley

Green Touches Cleaning Services was founded on the principle of my belief that if we work together we can make a significant impact on our environment.
It is important to me that my company be an ecologically friendly, ethical cleaning company because I am passionate about our environment and strive to lessen our carbon footprint.  I will use my company as a tool to make a difference in peoples’ lives and more importantly, their health and the greater community as a whole.  

My experience over many years of chemical free cleaning has left me in no doubt as to the beneficial effects this has had on the health of my family and it allows us to play a role in protecting our environment.

We continuously read and hear about our impact on the environment, it is easy to put this to the back of our minds and go about our daily lives in Dubai, but we have to realise that the continuous use of chemicals will put us, the future of our children and our planet at risk.
I am happy to choose The United Arab Emirates as the starting point for this company as the country’s leaders, government and institutions strongly support sustainability.

I recognize my responsibility to be an educator and to inspire a better way, particularly for our children and allow them to grow up in a healthier world.

I look forward to be given the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with others.  I believe that small actions embraced by many can make a huge difference.


Adrienne Doolan, CEO


Pure, With Respect To Man And Nature