Our sustainable strategy

Our sustainable principles, beliefs, values and actions shape our company's reputation and stakeholders' perceptions.  They serve as a reference point for both educating employees and driving improved performance.  It is designed and based on our philosophy since the founding of the company “We reach far beyond the limited horizon of just making a profit”.  Through our sustainability plan we strive to improve the quality of life for present and future generations through the active participation of both our employees, our customers and all stakeholders to achieve our desired goals and mission.  We use this strategic plan to create an annual operational plan. We measure our social and environmental progress regularly and disclose our performance annually in our Corporate Sustainable Report.In addition, based on our knowledge sharing and communication, we track and address our stakeholders’ evolving concerns and interests through regular engagement. We recognize that our impact is built not only on quality of services and innovation, but also by the relationships we create, nurture and grow year after year. Building understanding, trust and respect takes time, honesty and transparency. 


Our three-pronged strategy: 


1- Our sustainable green approach  

Our commitment to sustainability encompasses 6 primary areas:

  •   Best business practices
  •   Quality of services 
  •   Environmental responsibility
  •   Supply chain 
  •   Employee well-being
  •   Community improvement 


2- Stakeholders engagement  

We use a variety of traditional tools to engage with our stakeholders and make it easy to share feedback. Our stakeholders include:  

  •   Employees Development & Organizational Culture 

An company’s employee is its bread and butter. Employees development is an on-going process of investing in the individuals that make up the company ensuring that each individual has the confidence and skills necessary to excel at his/her work. One of the cornerstones of Green Touches is to employ and master sustainable practices. Through our Corporate Environmental Policy, our employees create an environment that not only decreases the overall carbon footprint, but also considers how our services can positively impact the health of a facility's inhabitants. Within our company, we are dedicated to operating in a socially responsible manner and fostering the continued growth and well being of our employees via extensive safety training and career development initiatives.  Above all, we have created an environment and culture that encourages our employees to think, act and behave as one team with a common purpose; to assist our clients in creating an optimal healthy environment. 

We are building an organizational culture that values each staff member and creates cohesion and promotes a team culture.  We invest heavily in our employees with reward initiatives and provide transparency and flexibility.  A culture that respects and values the different views, experiences and cultures of our employees and that actively encourages their participation in the organization, will generate their commitment towards social sustainability.

Managers and business owners have the most influence as role models, but everyone in the business can play a part in demonstrating the organisation’s values and acceptable behavior. 

  •    Customers 

Our goal is to partner with our clients to find the best ways to work together to reduce our environmental impact, drive ongoing improvement of our services and to provide high quality customer support.  We regularly consult with them to identify their needs and standards, understand long-term innovation requirements, and maintain satisfaction with both our technology and customer service. Using feedback, we can refine our programmes to suit their needs.  We are equally committed to helping our clients achieve sustainability and we live up to customer expectations by setting ambitious targets for our performance as well as a strong organizational setup to ensure integration of sustainability into all business functions. Most importantly, our passion for sustainability also refers to meeting and exceeding our clients' needs and expectations to ensure that we create an enduring and successful partnership.

  •    Contractors & Suppliers 

We require our suppliers to uphold high levels of commitment, integrity, quality and service.  Maintaining the level of service, we need requires that we regularly communicate our expectations and performance requirements.   As part of our ongoing commitment to society and our company values we take ‘responsible sourcing’ seriously.  Today’s consumer is more aware and interested than ever in issues that affect them, their communities and our world.

Sourcing products responsibly - in a way that minimizes impacts to people, animals and the environment - has a direct effect on our local and global economies, our health and wellness, and the environment. We work closely with our suppliers and our clients to provide options to meet a variety of sustainable objectives.  Our suppliers are expected to source all products and equipment responsibly. 


  •    Community members 

Our community engagement activities in Dubai & UAE.  We routinely meet with nonprofits, nongovernmental organizations, and civic and government officials to gain a greater understanding of our communities' needs.


3- CSR  

Green Touches firmly believes that CSR should begin with owners and managers of companies so they are aware of their responsibilities within society. Green Touches’ CSR already started with the company establishing itself under the ethos of Responsible Entrepreneurship.  Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our company’s strategy and along with sustainability is embedded into the core of our business, it’s what makes Green Touches different. Learn more